Iso é Galiza - kulXtreme Galiza

We are group of young people aiming to promote rich cultural and natural heritage of Galicia and its language diversity between young people.

We are formed as a mix of students of the University of Santiago de Compostela, the University of A Coruña and the University of Vigo.

We want to show to not Galician people our culture and motivate them to visit and admire our nice country. There are many old abandoned houses, built from stones, in countryside of our region and we want to preserve some of them and reconstruct them to create space of socialization between young people. We want to give the truth spirit to these places and to stimulate creating of new friendships beetween other like-minded young people and to invite diverse young artists to get inspiration to create some great pieces there.

We want to make all young people connected with our region, especially with its unique nature formed by the ocean, several bays called "rías" and one of the heighest cliffs in the world next to forgotten pilgrim destination Santo André de Teixido. We want to give to everybody a taste of our unique Galician cuisine. We emphasize its cultural heritage refered to its Celtic influence that you can discover in many petrogliphs and rests of Celtic settlements called "castros" in wild nature, all of these connected with traditional festivals nowadays, among them the most famous in Ortigueira.

We are involved in Erasmus+ projects in roles of hosting, coordinating and partners. If you live in Galicia, you are welcome to join us. If not, it will be pleasure for us to invite you here. We are also open to new international cooperations with cultural, ecological and youth organizations. Write to us!

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